Emmaus is a politically and religiously non-aligned international movement, whose mission is to help those in need and thus promote social justice and peace.

Emmaus Helsinki

Emmaus Helsinki was founded in 1966 as a part of the international Emmaus movement. Today, the group runs two flea markets for donated goods and is involved in development co-operation, for more information, see Activity Report for 2016. Our main partners are Cordis in South Africa and Cuna Nazareth in Peru. The main activities in Cordis are brick making and collecting and selling of donated goods. Emmaus Helsinki supports Cordis in enhancing the productivity and quality of the brick making process. Emmaus Helsinki has a long-term commitment to help a day care centre in Cuna Nazareth, Peru, via Swallows. With three other Finnish members of Emmaus International, we are also supporting Cuna Nazareth in starting a recycling centre in Lima to train young unemployed boys and girls to become recycling professionals and, in the long run, to make Cuna Nazareth more self-supporting. Emmaus Helsinki also supports Emmaus International's solidarity actions such as Lake Nokoué water project in Benin.

Emmaus Helsinki is an active member of the Poland-Ukraine Collective of Emmaus Europe. In Finland we support various organisations working with the homeless, undocumented persons, former prisoners and women immigrants. We are also engaged in social employment providing work opportunities to various underprivileged groups. In Estonia we support Katikoti, a home for mentally handicapped persons. With our support they started the Katikoti work centre project at the beginning of 2014.

Emmaus Helsinki is an active member of KEPA, Service Centre for Development Cooperation.

Flea Markets

Our flea markets in Helsinki are situated in Vallila and in Lauttasaari.

Vallila  Raitiolinjat   1  7  Bussilinjat   51  62  64-67 etc.
Mäkelänkatu 54 | t. 045-13 88 673
Lauttasaari  Metro Metro
Gyldénintie 2 | t. 045-236 00 01

Open Hours

Vallila Lauttasaari
Mon closed closed
Tue 11-19 11-18
Wed 11-17 11-17
Thu 11-17 11-17
Fri 11-17 11-15
Sat 11-15 11-15
Sun closed closed


You can donate goods or money and volunteer to help us. Every week about 40 volunteers take part in the work. For more information, phone 045-13 88 673.